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Privacy Policy: Vda. Rafael Gandía

The completion of all personal data provided in the questionnaires of the website is completely voluntary, but necessary for the fluidity of the relationship with Vda. Rafael Gandía. The data is included in computer files which are intended to accomplish the objective of Vda. Rafael Gandía and will be treated as confidential by Vda. Rafael Gandía and those entities that act according to the purpose and object of the query. If the web user does not consider the inclusion of their data in these files or subsequent treatment, the consultation may not take effect. The web user may write to Vda. Rafael Gandía to request for consultation, correction or deletion of data. The web user may or may not authorize that data be stored and used by Vda. Rafael Gandía to offer other services and products.


Legal notice: Vda. Rafael Gandía

The Vda. Rafael Gandía website aims to faciliate the general public, the activities and services it provides. Vda. Rafael Gandía reserves the right to make, at any time and without notice, modifications to the information contained in its website or in the configuration and presentation of the same. By accessing this website it is accepted that Vda. Rafael Gandía will not be responsible for any consequences or damages arising from such access or use of information from the website or access to other materials on the Internet through links with this website. The copyright of the material on this website is the property of Vda. Rafael Gandía. Access to this website does not imply license to reproduce and / or distribution and is not permitted without the prior consent of Vda. Rafael Gandía. Any references that are made on the Vda. Rafael Gandía website to any product, service, process, link, or any information using hypertext mark, trade name or manufacturer or supplier, etc. that are owned by others, does not constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by Vda. Rafael Gandía.

VIUDA DE RAFAEL GANDIA se reserva el derecho exclusivo sobre todas las marcas, fotografías y diseños utilizados en su oferta, así como sobre la presentación comercial de sus productos. Por ello, queda prohibida la fabricación, distribución y/o comercialización de los productos que los contienen o de su presentación comercial, en cualquier medio o soporte

VIUDA DE RAFAEL GANDIA saves herself the exclusive right on all the brands,photographies and designs used in his offer, as well as on the commercial presentation of his products. For it, there remains prohibited the manufacture, distribution and / or commercialization of the products that contain them or of his commercial presentation, in any way or support.

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