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ELIKA DECORACION is a commercial distributor of fabrics belonging to Viuda de Rafael Gandía and is dedicated to the manufacturing of textiles for decoration.


Since its founding in 1949 by D. Gandia Rafael Pons, the company has evolved and adapted to market needs, not just constantly incorporating technological advances, but also current trends in textures and colours, offering collections with a variety of fabrics for different areas of the home.


Their way of working is based on offering the best service and quality, working with its customers in order to obtain the best results.


The company is continuously investigating and not being afraid to develop new ideas to consolidate its market position. They are at the forefront of the latest technology to constantly improve quality outcome and adapt to the objectives of production and customer delivery times, and are ever more competitive internationally.

VIUDA DE RAFAEL GANDIA se reserva el derecho exclusivo sobre todas las marcas, fotografías y diseños utilizados en su oferta, así como sobre la presentación comercial de sus productos. Por ello, queda prohibida la fabricación, distribución y/o comercialización de los productos que los contienen o de su presentación comercial, en cualquier medio o soporte

VIUDA DE RAFAEL GANDIA saves herself the exclusive right on all the brands,photographies and designs used in his offer, as well as on the commercial presentation of his products. For it, there remains prohibited the manufacture, distribution and / or commercialization of the products that contain them or of his commercial presentation, in any way or support.

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